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During these periods, the planet Saturn was in the sign of Capricorn, the last of the earth signs.

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Astrologers believe it gives those born under it ambition and an urge to make their mark. The combination also reinforces and strengthens qualities such as caution, persistence, and authority.

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If you were born during Saturn in Capricorn, you probably feel the heaviness of life, as if you are carrying the world on your shoulders. You take on many responsibilities, sometimes too many. As a Capricorn, it is wise for you to delegate tasks and surround yourself with helpers to share the load. A substantial, long-term goal can help Saturn-in-Capricorns focus their energy and bring stability to day-to-day life.

Working toward this goal can reduce daily stresses and keep you on the path to achievement. The Saturn Return is a critical time and sometimes acts as a reckoning of sorts. This is the period when Saturn comes around to your natal Saturn, which happens every years.

It is a good time to revisit your life goals and assess whether the life you've built is helping you accomplish those goals. It is important for you to formalize plans. After all, you are not a talker—you are a doer.

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And you are happiest when your personal goals align with those of the people around you. Saturn-in-Capricorns may need to overcome resentment or jealousy toward others, especially in terms of status or wealth. You may struggle with feelings of insecurity when you see others being recognized.

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A well-interpreted horoscope can explain events from the past or anticipate events in the future, as well as everything in between the two. The same interpretation can be used in birthdate analysis, and we will try to make some conclusions in the next couple of sections. Surprisingly, when we are talking about people who are born on the 21st of January, we could say that they are somewhat cold and impenetrable people who can hide their emotions from society.

They are intelligent, but somehow they cannot calm down and stabilise in one place — people of the January 21 are those who like to travel and visit many places during life, this makes them complete. Sometimes it looks like they are watching the world from the heights, and they are continually moving — this aspect can be intimidated to their close environment. They have friendly relations with family members, and it is an aspect of their lives that is very important to them, but there is no classical tenderness and closeness, like in other families. Everything is based on solving the problem, and sometimes they run away from answering them, due to the immensity to face it.

They are hilarious people who have few great friends during life, and they will always tell the truth about the situation that is happening. If you ask for advice, you will get it from people who are born on the January 21 — they could be called humanitarians, because they do not bind those who need help, they do what they need, and they can go further. Love aspect is something that we all want to find out more and more, and many people read these and similar articles so that they could find out more about love relations.


In the next couple of rows, you will found out what are love relations like in the life of the people who celebrate their birthdays on the 21st January. They are not attracted to the most beautiful people in the world, but if nothing is exciting, mysterious and intellectually challenge in potential partners, they will not be interested. Communication is so vital to these people, and in the depths of their hearts is space that seeks love. But it causes these people deep inner problems because of inability to understand their sensitive and loving emotions — they can misbehave and hurt their partners, because of this inability to show emotions.

No doubt about it, these people can easily fall in love, but also they could quickly leave their lovers, or even worse, to cheat. Their ideal partner is someone who must be able to accept them, and in a way to adapt to them, because they will not change for anyone — people of the January 21st demand respect and understanding for the way in which they live; no matter how strange and how crazy their ideas can be to others.

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There is a need for stimulation and partner with whom they will be able to share adventures in life, not just someone to sit on the couch and I watch a movie every night. If you give these people everything they need, they will be completely faithful, loving partner and dedicated parent. Sounds like a dream come true, and it is in a way, but patience is a necessity. They are looking for an unusual person who will like them, follow them in every step of their exciting ways, but they rarely find everything they need, because they see that potential partners are not modern enough or if they are not contemporary.

If the chosen one of their hearts does not like them as friends in a first place, it will be difficult to keep them as lovers for a long time.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

Professional plans are very hard to achieve, and then everything happens at once, people of the January 21st need a lot of good energy and support from others, to achieve what they want -unlike some people who are Aquarius in the horoscope, they are not so successful. There are many reasons why this is the case, but we are not saying that these people never find success in business, since that is not true. Sometimes they look for their big break, that in fact never comes, and instead, they need to focus on some much more realistic goals that are much easier to achieve.

It is not a bad idea for these people to do everything that is connected to a specific type of competition — they need to do something useful.

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