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No method of astrology has received so much attention as Nadi System.

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Nadi Astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology originating in India and in the recent past, it has attained a lot of popularity. However, due to its popularity and lack of clarity among people about its nature, a lot of fraudulent knowledge and frauds pretending to be experts are doing the rounds. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate.

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Part 3 - YouTube More detailed description of how Naadi leaves are made. The main content of the Video exposing where Naadi leaves are made- Kathiramangalam, Padagasalai and few villages are the manufacturing places for the NADI leaves. The script on the leaves are roughly drawn by the lay man which is look like tamil. All Nadi leaves are biggest scam and these people are fooling innocent people. That was beautiful expose. I am a non-believer in this hocus-pocus, I have written against these kind of charlatans, and dubious predictions.

It is fun and touristy thing to do, just as you read comics and astrology in the newspapers. It is "buyer's beware" when buying anything.

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  4. I wish more of such expose are done to educate the common folks, who spends hard earned money on this kind of scams. My wife and my brother's wife were very much impressed by Nadi Jothidam in those days. You would have observed the house is completely closed , not a single window is kept open.

    They generally cover every thing like what we see in Predictions. But future is always not predictable, hence there they fail miserably. They usually demand to do some Pariharam and make you pay more.

    குரு + ராகு - பிருகு நந்தி நாடி - குரு பெயர்ச்சி

    Nadi astrologer held for fraud TNN Jun 26, , B Raju, who had set up a Nadi reading centre, was held on the complaint of city based businessman Kanwaljit Singh Walia. B Raju claimed to be a native of Vaitheeswaran Kovil village in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, where the art of Nadi astrology can be traced to. This system claims that a man's life, past, present and future and even that of his children and relatives can be known from the ancient text written on palm leaves by sages more than years ago. The entire forecast begins by taking the impression of the right thumb for men and left for women.


    Narrating his experience at the centre, Kamaljit said after half-an-hour of taking his thumb impression, he was told that a matching palm leaf had been found. They asked several questions and told me to reply in either yes or no," he said. Kanwaljit said after the fifth bundle had been read, to his surprise he was told his name, the names of his parents, wife, children, his brothers and sisters.

    Kanwaljit said he then paid them Rs 1, to predict his future.

    Nadi Astrology: an exceptional form of divination (Part 1)

    He said they predicted some positive events coupled with some negative facts like he would meet with an accident in the near future, which could even be fatal. Kanwaljit said he was told that a puja at a South Indian temple could help avert the danger and they offered to perform the puja without his being there for Rs 10, Kanwaljit said he came back disturbed and recollected what had transpired at the centre. Then he realised that he had been asked to reply in yes or no to questions which gave out the details. He said queries like, is your name a synonym of any god, does it start and ends with a particular alphabet, were put forth.

    Questions were asked about my parents and relatives and between the reading of each bundle, they took half-an-hour. Kanwaljit said he went to the office again with an offer that he would make a video-film for Raju to publicise his science. But during the shoot, Raju and his helpers became uncomfortable and stopped the recording, he said. After this, Kanwaljit lodged a complaint and police registered a case of cheating and criminal breach of trust against the six accused including S B Raju, Sayarman, K Raju, Kaliamurthy, Dhanpal and A K Sainthal. All six of them were interrogated at the Phase 8 police station.

    Last edited: Feb 28, Some very unknown facts are brought out in Nadi Jothidam. I don't know why.. My mum's Nadi also shows she was a Brahmin in a previous birth. Only mine shows something else. So I really wonder how accurate that is.. So I guess we should not really rely too much on it. Once when myself and the team were in Alleppey now Alappuzha district. There was a well-known Nadi astrologer in one centre, attached to a vishnu temple there and three hindus of us therefore went one day just to know about how this Nadi worked. On the first day the swamiji, who had the Vasishta Nadi in his possession and also knew how to read it, gave us an appointment for another date and time according to our convenience.

    On the appointed day, the swamiji was ready with a few bundles of palm leaf granthas all neatly covered in green silk pieces. He asked us to go and sit on the wooden seating plank AmappalakAi placed by his side and facing the north, while he was seated facing the east on one side of the door to the sanctum santorum of the temple, a very neatly maintained one. He narrated the story of the temple and the nADi. It seems the temple belonged to the sanyasi's old TharawAD or family and had fallen into complete neglect.

    But they had sold off all the extensive properties, the joint family had splintered and migrated far and wide. The temple alone stood, neglected and in partial ruin.