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Monday, 7 October — Sunday, 13 October. Turning a blind eye to a problem is never a good idea. It just gets worse. That situation could be anywhere in life — personal, romantic, business, domestic — but the chances are it has a financial dimension to it. It is important to deal with what is in front of you now, not what might happen in the future. But history is also your friend. What happened in the past is a template for the future. Much as you may prefer to evade difficult questions and remain equivocal, you may have little choice other than to go in deep this month.

People want real answers; they want to know where they are with you.

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And vice versa. Likewise, accepting a situation without fully looking into it would be to your detriment. The full moon of the 13th brings push to shove; only you can decide whether to cut your losses or make serious accommodations. There is a misconception that astrologers can see the future as if we were watching scenes playing out on a cinema screen. We open our ephemerides planetary timetable and take endless notes on when the alignments are at their strongest and what they might mean for this person, that country or this event.

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Often it can seem as if fate has the upper hand, but although we cannot prevent every event that happens to us we can choose what we do in the wake of it. We have free will. So, The last year of the Teenies and the bridge to the Twenties — a decade that will change the world map, whether in terms of the land itself or in geo-political terms.

And with a degree of harmony between Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune in , this has the potential to be a great year. A year in which solutions can be found, or at least worked toward, in some of the most pressing global problems, including those inspired by climate change. Uranus entered Taurus in mid-May , but then moved back into Aries and will remain there until March of Uranus is the revolutionary of the planets, the innovator and the iconoclast, so its transit of this Venus-ruled earth sign for the next seven years is going to produce some exciting developments in architecture, technology, engineering, food, the beauty business, farming and agriculture.

But we can also expect financial collapses and the destruction of places and buildings of historical significance.

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Already in we witnessed the loss of two iconic museums in Glasgow and Brazil due to fires; and unprecedented hurricanes and typhoons devastated parts of the world from Indonesia to Hawaii. We spend more money, enjoy taking holidays and getting out of our comfort zones. Then again, the last time Jupiter transited Sagittarius was in , and we can all remember what happened when the sub-prime mortgage market collapsed: it was the precipitator to the global recession. The perfect link between Mars in your sign and Jupiter in the wish-come-true zone of your chart gives you energy, self-belief and luck.

And if passion has been low-key, that changes when a partner replies to your question by asking you a more daring one. You may not think you are ambitious, but now you meet someone who spots your skills and inspires you to use them. Venus, the planet of fashion as well as passion, brings both into your life when you and a partner devise a new look for each other.

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Your powers of telepathy are worth working on. The sun and moon both focus on romance and there is twice as much love potential in relationship than you think. Your challenge is to be the calm, sensible one when a family, or a group of colleagues, have exciting choices to make about money. But in matters of the heart, you have a new bolder attitude and are ready to be the first to put love feelings into words. An okay love relationship can blossom when you stop comparing it with it an idealised version of the past.

An Australian connection is the key to a prize. Text a psychic. This is good. What's not good is when people notice you and you're not even aware of it. This is perfect day to make travel plans or to make plans to get future training or education. You might talk to a teacher or professor.

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Likewise, you might explore avenues in medicine and the law. Later in the day, your appreciation of beauty will be heightened. Discussions about shared property, inheritances and debt, taxes or insurance issues will be practical today. However, by evening, you might want to share your wealth with someone in need.

Or instead, you might solicit aid from others to help someone. One can but try. You will need to go more than halfway when dealing with others today because the Moon is in a sign that is opposite your sign.

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Practical discussions will take place and they will require your cooperation. Later, you might second-guess yourself - or others - this evening. You will find it easy to isolate yourself and work on any task that you choose to take on today. You want to be productive.

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You will also be thrifty and careful in whatever you do. Late in the day, this feeling will shift to a dreamy reverie about the possible future success in your job. Romance might be strained today because you feel emotionally isolated. That's okay; everyone feels a bit like this today. Practical considerations are prominent in your mind now.

By evening however, romance is in the stars and you're wearing rose-coloured glasses! A discussion with an older family member will be productive today.

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  5. You might establish parameters or the desired structure for something; and you will listen patiently.