Venus in pisces compatibility

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The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

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See more ideas about a very child-like, have. Well, at least some people would like to know about it; others accept the uncertainty of our destiny more easily. Most of the people are, perhaps, somewhere in between. Can skies above tell you about future and your individual lifeline and destiny? Astrologers claim it could answer some questions. However, many people think horoscope predicts events that are factual, while in reality, astrology is much more complex than that.

Do not be disappointed if you do not get concrete answers from astrology.

Venus in Pisces: Astrology of Love & Compatibility

We talk, of course, about personalized astrology or natal astrology. Think of stars, planets, zodiac signs and all other elements that feature your horoscope as powerful guidelines, loaded with precious information. According to astrology, these elements create specific aspects that affect our lives and define who we are, to some point. Horoscopes, however, do not predict future in the simplest way. It reveals our capacities and our potentials. It tells what you are inclined into, astrologically, which might be of great use. All of these things are present in your natal chart. An astrologer would create such a diagram and interpret it for you.

He or she would know about each one of the aspects found there. Astrology is an ancient practice and it originates from times far as about a couple of thousands of years ago. It has a long, rich, and turbulent history in the Western world. Certain dose of suspicion is natural.

However, we have known for very long that planets definitely have an impact on our lives. Their movement through our system affects our own planet. In astrological terms, planets do not affect only our home planet in total, but also each one of us lives and personalities. Let us learn more about it. Planets have been an important feature of horoscopes since far past. Sun and Moon are astrologically also enlisted as planets, although technically they are not. There are five personal planets that are thought to have an effect upon our personality traits, as seen in our birth charts.

Each one of these personal planets determines our personality profile. One gives us our basic traits, the other tells about how we see, feel and express certain ideas. One determines how e love, the other how we act and another one how we think. Personal planets move quite fast and do not stay in one sign in a zodiac circle for too long.

The rest of them are steadier, so they affect the whole generation, for example, not an individual on a personal level. Here we come to our lovely Venus. Venus is the planet of love and abundance. In ancient mythologies, it was associated with female deities, associated with fertility, wealth, beauty, love, amorousness, harmony, femininity, benevolence, peace and so on. In Western astrology, this heritage is present in the form of archetypes. Venus rules over signs of Taurus and Libra.

Venus is the brightest of all planets, after Sun and Moon. Venus does not only define the course of love in your destiny, if we are to simplify the idea, but also defines your comprehension of love. Love is all around and it has been the greatest inspiration of all times. Depending on the position of Venus in your birth chart, you will feel and place love in specific place. It defines the way you are going to react and act in love. In addition, it defines your creativity and promotes artistic tendencies. We could say that Venus embodies the idea of love for beauty; beauty is not a conventional, but deeply personal idea.

What Venus Signs Say About Relationships - Venus Compatibility

What about Venus in Pisces, this delicate, deep, very emotional sign? Regardless of your other aspects, with Venus in Pisces, you have a distinctive sense of love and beauty. This level of sensitivity can sometimes cause mixed signals to people interested in dating Venus in Pisces. These individuals are a little bit too nice. This can translate into people seeing this kindness as romantic interest, but Venus in Pisces is altruistic and nice to everyone.

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It can a challenge for people who are possessive about love to deal with this kind of partner. Pisces is a water sign and it is also a mutable sign.

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Mutable signs tend to go with the flow. They do not possess personalities which are particularly domineering. They have an interest in adapting to the circumstances around them. Venus in Pisces gives an individual an easy going nature when it comes to relationships. This can sometimes attract people who may take advantage of their good natures. They need to develop ways to take care of themselves. Sometimes Venus in Pisces need a lot of personal space. They need to recharge their batteries being such a kind person can take a toll on them after a while. These people are incredibly loving.

They love all of humanity and can be compassionate humanitarians. Pisces is an astrological sign which may not always make the best decisions.

Venus in Pisces Is the Perfect Dating Glow Up

Venus in Pisces people may have trouble recognizing when a romantic partner is not a good person. This Venus placement has a tendency to find the good in all people. Pisces can also be the sign of sorrows. Sometimes this astrological sign may go through many unhappy relationships because they are too self sacrificing and readily accept the personality flaws of other people. It is always good for Venus in Pisces to take the sorrow out of their own love life.

There is never any need to see this placement as an affliction. The Venus in Pisces person always has a kind heart which is in the right place. This person needs to look at their own desires rather than being kind to other people. When Venus in Pisces learns to look out for themselves they can find a terrific relationship.

Who wouldn't want a loving and romantic partner? Venus in Pisces enjoys being imaginative. This can lend their abilities towards creating art and pursuing other creative ideas. Neptune governs the sign of Pisces. Neptune is a planetary influence which can give us great breadth of vision, but it is not always the most practical influence. Wherever Neptune is within our astrological chart tends to reflect the area in our life where we put on the blinders. For this reason a Venus in Pisces individual may be blindsided by fantasy. They may not always look at their love partners in a realistic manner. This can make them see the good in a person who is essentially bad for them.